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Panas Tytenko


His landscapes are light, resilient and filled with sincere sensuality. Human characters in his pictures are deprived of drama: they seem to have just fluttered from under the brush, lightly and naturally. In every work we notice a clear, communicable mind, cheerful spirit, especially Ukrainian lyric, and enchanting mood of the painter. 


His pictures are natural and elegant. Attention of the artist is tense and barely perceptible. His intent eye finds qualitative values of painting in every unpretentious subject, which are further skillfully incarnated on picture in a complicated composition row. With a single touch his brush raises that loud and accurate accord which incorporates all essential features of an instant image. 


Panas Tytenko possesses talent to see complication in simple, and simplicity in multiply complicated motive. Skillfully improvising, he can quickly decompose an image into simple elements, into a few basic bright relationships  of color and light and their mutual connections -    in order to turn them into space, mass, and motion, and to depict changeable charm of  the by moving colored masses.


Color in Tytenko's pictures has its inimitable joyful sound. Exempt from shining brightness, the dyes seem to have just escaped casual earthen dust and weight of material shell, to show the diamond irradiation of color connections. The chinks of unpainted canvas, radiated by white undercoat from beneath the paints, draw a spectator to the artist's pictures. The delicate play of brush and mood logically decomposed into intervals of details and accents won't leave a spectator/listener untouched.


Artist Tytenko travels a lot. His journeys resulted in interesting works which represent the European cities - Amsterdam, London, Paris, the surroundings of Como Lake in Italy. Complicated architecture of these cities is featured in the general array of dense color and brushwork depicting the artist's impression of the landscapes. Only exceptional masters of the passed epoch could depict urban landscapes so poetically and explicitly. These were impressionists - inspired by Paris, the capital of arts and the city of love.


His heaven and water are the most inconsistent shapes of the landscape. Changeable and picturesque, transparent and clean, these elements appear in a single gust. Thus we have illusion that the painting is illuminated from the inside. Panas interprets space exclusively with color, lightening the background. He possesses the inner feeling of rhythm which exists in the landscape.


He immediately reveals its solid graphical frame. Panas' drawing is both accurate and spontaneous, what makes us feel that it has initially existed on its own.


Panas Tytenko is a spontaneous pantheist and he is master in depicting pantheistic mood in his landscapes. These are periods of spring nature arousal and summer blossoming. The artist's winter landscapes optimistically sparkle with festive cheerful colours: snow covering the clusters of mountain ash etc. See the fence, illuminated by the warm daylight rays: being a part of metaphorical synergy of the landscape, it is meaningful for the painter as able to greet 'hard work of spring'.


Female images, created by Panas, are lightsome and gentle, integral and exalted, like a song, like branches in blossom. It seems that Divine Spirit appears in this song-like maiden beauty. The artist's small painting episodes are filled with communication, friendship and benevolence. 


Panas Tytenko continues traditions of realistic school in painting - in its best lyrical manifesta­tions. When looking at his works one might recall classical paintings of Petro Levchenko, Grigoriy Svitlitsky, Oleksiy Shovkunenko, Serhiy Grygoryev, Viktor Shatalin. This is a range of indisputably prominent artists who determine a whole epoch in history of Ukrainian art. Their works used to be lyrical and harmonical, evoke joy of communica­tion with the environment and represent a rare method of artistic existence in general. Panas Tytenko inherited these effulgent, sincere and heartful spirits from the real masters.


Dmyrto Korsun', Artist


Семья художников приветствует Вас в галерее современного искусства TytenkoartIakovenko, где представлены авторские живописные работы.

«Живопись – это магическое сочетание цвета, улавливающее правду жизни, правду не только внешнюю, а главным образом внутреннюю»

Огюст Роден.